i una espècie actual, Triops cancriformis , pràcticament no ha canviat des del període Juràssic (fa aproximadament 180 milions d’anys).» link6=»https://pethelpful.com/reptiles-amphibians/Triops-Care» titulo6=»Triops as Pets: How to Raise, Feed, Breed, Care For, and More» desc6=»Buy Triops eggs & Sea Monkeys at Triops King. You can buy Tadpole Shrimp from many retailers on the Internet. But only very few really deal with Tadpole Shrimp. At Triops King we offer you expert advice before your purchase and are always happy to help you after your purchase. You can buy your Tadpole Shrimp from us completely risk-free.»]

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